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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Free 6-a-side Scoresheet

Is your club holding a 6-a-side tournament this summer? If so, trying to keep score at these type of events can be a nightmare so I have designed an easy to use scoresheet which is free to download.

Back in 2003 I started playing in an indoor 6-a-side cricket league and at the start of my first ever game was handed a piece of paper then informed that I would be scoring as I am batting last.

Unfortunately what I had in front of me bore only a passing resemblance to a standard scorebook whilst the match itself was played at such fuious pace that I could not keep up and by the end of our innings, I just made up a total which sounded reasonably plausible.

As I left the sports hall I bumped into the league secretary so mentioned the issues I had keeping score (carefully avoiding the fact that our team's total was complete work of fiction) and offered my design skills to create a more user-friendly scoresheet. 

The following week I turned up with what everyone agreed was a much improved scoresheet and it has been used ever since. 

Over the years I have made minor improvements but a number of clubs have asked me to create a tournament version where 5 players (not the wicketkeeper) just bowl an over each.

Therefore I have decided to make this freely available to download in PDF format which is easy to print out on any standard inkjet or laser printer loaded with A4 paper.

For best results, use thicker paper (100gsm or higher) then if you print both sides, the print on one side will not show through as it will on thinner 80gsm paper.

Free 6-a-side Scoresheet

Last modified on Thursday, 04 August 2016


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